2015, The Official Year Of Light

Did you know that this time last year, the United Nations designated 2015 as an International Year Of Light? Me neither (at least I hope it’s not just me!). Apparently, the purpose of this was to promote and celebrate the importance of light – in our lives, for our futures and for the development of society – through a programme of activities coordinated in countries around the world. I stumbled across this information by chance a few weeks ago and it came back to mind following a meeting with my coach two days ago.

Rather than a coaching session per se, we met for coffee and a catch up having not seen one another for seven weeks. The last time we’d met I was all fired up and ready to go to my first national conference as a speaker, I had huge momentum behind a book I have been trying to write for over a decade, and I was full of excitement about making a career change and various ideas associated with this. I had complete belief in the path that was evolving in front of me and was confidently walking along it with a deep sense of commitment to continuing the journey, come what may. I love my coach and enjoy being in his company, but I almost cried off from our meeting at the eleventh hour, because I knew seeing him would be an uncomfortable confirmation of my changed state and I felt embarrassed and a little bit ashamed at how quickly I had moved from feeling euphoric and energised, to anxious and listless. Worse still, I was using this rapid shift as evidence that all the plans and goals I had set myself were a mere fantasy in the first place if they were so quickly and easily able to fade away.

Sure enough, this is exactly what happened. And, just to really turn up the volume on how I was feeling, my coach was in an almost jubilant state having recently spent time with his team reviewing the year and looking ahead to 2016. For him, this consisted of presenting a series of flip charts to his colleagues, exploring what had gone really well, what he had learned from the year, and also how reviewing how this aligned with his personal values giving them each a score out of five. One of his goals was about investing more time in cultivating friendships and he excitedly explained how friends that had drifted away in his life had, all of a sudden, already made contact. As he reflected on the incredible magical power of clear intentions, I sat there looking at him. He is shining I thought to myself I can see it in his sparkly eyes. I was like that and now I am not.

After sharing his news, my coach asked me some pertinent questions and I heard myself say All I know, that is that energy is really important and it feels like I have powered down. As if my generator has been switched off. Setting a clear intention, a vision is a great starting point because it generates energy. Then, you move in that direction and build momentum, which creates more connections – between people and opportunities – and you get synergy, which in turn generates even more energy. But somehow, I have lost momentum, and now I feel like I have powered down.

Yesterday morning I took a walk on the beach. I already felt a little lighter and energised through the very act of saying aloud what I had been feeling, and decided I too would do a review of the year as a first step to regaining momentum. I was still wondering about the best way to do this when I arrived home from my walk and opened a beautiful RNLI Christmas card from my cousin and her husband. It was the image I have used for this blog and seeing it immediately lifted my spirits. It was as though the universe had sent me a little wink, an acknowledgement that I was making progress and, with it, an invitation to go back to source – back to the lighthouse.

This morning I got up earlier and walked along the beach again, still mulling over the image of the lighthouse. As I turned back, suddenly I knew how to do my review of the year. Of course, it’s so obvious!!! I said to myself as I laughed out loud I will review my year according to my own mantra Stand Tall, Be Brave, Shine On and reflect on when and how I have – and have not – managed to live this during 2015 and set some intentions for 2016, plus a plan to do a monthly review to retain momentum. Voila! This thought made me feel happy and I noticed a sense of more lightness and more energy infusing my body.

As I sat down to write this blog, I remembered about 2015 being The Year Of Light. Although it feels like I have arrived at the Party Of Light, bottle of champagne in hand, just at the point when the leftover food on paper plates is being chucked into bin liners as part of a quick tidy up before everyone goes to bed worse for wear, it’s still better late than never! So as I open the bottle of champagne anyway, I am comforted by the thought that I set up my blog in The Year Of Light which, in its own small and humble way follows the spirit of the UN’s intention to create something that will inspire and connect people on a global scale (special shout out to all of my international viewers!). So if, like me, you also arrived late to the 2015 Party Of Light perhaps I can pour you a glass of bubbly and invite you to also reflect on how you have Stood Tall, Been Brave and Shone in the last twelve months as we raise a toast in honour of Light. Thank you for your friendship. Merry Christmas, love LHKD xxx



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